1926 Ann Arbor Box Car

Annie's History The “Annie” was originally built in 1926 for the Wabash Railroad, which owned the Ann Arbor Railroad. The car was built with wood siding on the outside and later rebuilt with the steel sheeting she has now. This car was used by the Wabash to haul general freight needing protection from the weather. At some point in time, it was transferred to the Ann Arbor, with the number 1130. It continued its mission to haul freight until it became too old for interchange service. This car and a sister car were converted to crew cars to be used by work gangs only on the home road. At the time of the conversion in 1961 to a crew car, the big side doors were welded shut and the windows and end doors were added. This car was rescued from a side yard in Traverse City Michigan. Please also check out the article “Swinging on a Star” in the News Archive Section of this website.