The "Marie"

1902 Barney and Smith Sleeping Car

The “Sault Ste. Marie” (Marie) was built in 1902 by the Barney and Smith Car Company of Dayton Ohio, for the Duluth South Shore and Atlantic Railroad. The railroad used this car until 1936 when it was sold to a man in Mackinac City for use as a summer home or cottage. In railroad service, she probably ran between St. Ignace, the Soo, and Duluth Minnesota. This car was capable of sleeping 44 people. She was originally built with ten sections divided by curtains, one private room, and a smoking room and three bathrooms. The striping and decorations are wood inlays in the mahogany veneer. Originally she was fitted with gas lights and later updated with electric lights. Heat in the car was steam generated by the locomotive. This car was rescued from certain destruction from a side yard in Traverse City Michigan.  It was donated to our mseum by Mr. Lee McGill.   

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