Wow, time has flown by.

The snow has fallen along with the temperature and the many hands have become idle. Snow has covered the cars, the walk way into the depot, while removed is not filled with foot prints. The HO Layout sits quiet but all things have been kept under a watch full eye.

The CIS trail is now finished and waits for the snow to melt and the grand opening to be held. One can see the foot prints of occasional walkers, few though.

The RR team will soon meet and begin planning a schedule of tasks and a more active recruiting of volunteers (HINT HINT).

Paul and Ken have most of the main windows done and many installed and a bunch ready to be installed, but that is waiting for the warmer weather.

It is interesting that city is getting more requests for the depot rental and has been used several times even in this cold wintery weather. Of course the heater works really well.

That is enough for right now. Probably should get the camera out and get some pictures of snow covered cars. We had a really good use of the Santa Claus mail box. Between the Santa Claus painted and installed and removed by the Handovers and the garland on the stairs we got over 30 letters that were then turned over SC.

So we can now look forward to an exciting 2015.

Take care and be says the train crew.