Visitors galore

Jenny and the Marie getting ready to be moved, the car not the lovely lady.

The one week that the McCampbells were gone the depot and cars were under the guidance of Dobby Everts. Dobby is our man to go to for putting on our special events. Well this time he covered for them while they were in the Chicago area for a family reunion on Jenny's side as well as for her 70th birthday.

Dobby did such an excellent job as indicated by the number of folks that stopped by the depot and the sales in the gift store.

The next week the depot was again busy with a steady flow of families from many different parts of the county and state.

Also during this week Mark Kalis, Bill Irrer and Doug Weir worked on preparing the Marie (the Barney and Smith Sleeper car from 1902) for it's move to the St. Johns Green house location. Being there will make it more accessible for the restoration crew. Mark brought in his forklift and hydraulic equip. So now the one end of the car is on truck stanchions making ready for a moving trailer.