Railroad Post Office Looking Good!

Progress on the RPO Car

Just in time for the holidays, a grand make-over was given to the south side and ends of the 1903 RPO, thanks to wonderful support from Joel Haviland of J.H. Builders, Josh Redman of Redman Construction and the Volunteer Railroad Crew members.

Repairs were made to the siding, the old lead-based paint was painstakingly removed, and the first coat of green paint was applied, but the biggest challenge was repairing the clerestory. That area runs the length of the car just below the roofline. It consists of a row of 19 small windows per side, below which is a narrow roof extending to the edge of the car. The windows and the structures behind them needed to be rebuilt and flashing had to be fashioned to guard against future leaks, then the roofing material was put in place. The clerestory also had to be fitted securely with the regular roof, which had already been repaired. Many hours of effort, coupled with expertise from all involved, allowed this portion of the restoration to be completed in October.

The railcars by the Depot are part of Clinton Northern Railway, a branch of the Clinton County Arts Council (CCAC). CCAC is grateful to receive a portion of its funding from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Humanities.