Last Sunday is now Past.

Well, Jenny and Gary arrived at the depot about a half hour early, just to get some things set up, but right away people started showing up and it stayed that way until almost 2:30. Jenny was busy showing off the depot, Gary out with the Jerry Banks layout or in the cars teaching and learning. The standbys, Bret, John, Dominic, Garret and escorts were there to attend to the tracks and repairs.

All in all the May through Oct stint was a pleasant and enjoyable adventure. While the crowds were small it seemed that in almost every case it was so timed that each could get full attention, which means that Jen and Gary would almost always learn as much as they in turn shared.

So now time until next May will be used to plan how the next year can be used to provide the public with more things to do and to see.

Both Jen and Gary are looking forward to suggestions and recommendations to help the time and place be more useful to the public.

And yes, they want to remind all that there will be Christmas activities, but the details are still being developed so stay tuned.