Time passes so fast,

So much has happen since the last article. Each Sunday has brought new adventures. While the crowds have been small the visitors have been extraordinarily interesting. They brought questions, they brought answers and new stories. Just the other day, while Gary was putting a "Volunteers Needed" banner a couple came wondering through. Being from out of town, Illinois, and having stopped by the downtown antique store, they thought would stopped by the depot. Both have been very involved in trains for years. Bill worked for the B&O for decades and they both are now collectors of trains stoves and B&0 china. Gary learned a lot from both Bill and Judy about railroads in particular stoves. Bill not only collects them, but he restores them. From their description it seems that they have a very large collection of RR stuff and have a whole of connections for even more RR stuff.

Speaking of restoring, have you stopped by the RPO lately. The crew has made some great progress. The clerestory and accompanying roof is taking shape. The street side of the car is getting it's first coat of pain in years. As one looks at what is going on it is really evident that there is a lot more then just slapping on a new coat of paint. Sounds like a lot of discussion went on just to decide what color and what type of paint to put on the old car. It was decided on a dark green, Sherwin Williams, DTM. Seems pretty authentic, if there is such a thing for all old railcars.

The cars and the depot will be open for the rest of this month and all of October, every Sunday one to three. Volunteers are encouraged to join the crew each Tuesday and Thursday nine to around noon. The ending time depends on the tasks and what the individual crew members have planned. They are all so busy with life outside of the RR business. They hope to see all kinds of volunteers join them in the next few weeks.