They're back, the opening on Sundays, that is.

Meaning that the CNR (St. Johns Depot) depot is open on Sundays through this month (One to Three PM). The depot was closed on the Sundays as the managers were off to tend to their daughter in Louisville. They have returned and had the depot open this first Sunday of August and intend to have it open through the rest of the month, unless... Well things happen and it will be interesting to see what occurs in these busy days of a hot summer.

As an important side note, Clinton Northern Railway is looking desperately for volunteers for many different tasks focused mainly on the restoration of the railcars and operation of the depot. In particular on the Sundays for this last month of weekly openings.

If you are interested in volunteering call: (989) 224-6134 or (502) 214- 0479. You can also call these numbers for more information about anything dealing with the CNR Center which incorporates the depot and the four RR cars.