TTT or Tuesday Together Time 6:30 to 7:30 pm

The St. Johns Depot has now seen two Tuesday activities go off with great fun for all participants. The first was on the 19th. It was a Bike Parade lead by the St. Johns Police Dept. The parade was preceded by giving away two bikes that were donated by Turning Point. The SJPD officers supervised the kids through a serpentine exercise course while the adults helped and watched their youngsters weave themselves and their bikes through a course of about six traffic cones. Then everyone gathered on the hot, dry, brown grass for some old fashion games that included many water balloons. While it cooled the kids and adults alike, it was reported that the grass really appreciated the attention as well.

The next Tuesday was ZUMBA-FOR KIDS. Combining lively rumba music, lively steps, wild hand and arm motions, bodily gyrations, and loud laughter from kids and adults alike resulted in a good time for all, as well as really fun exercise, which was the intent.

Next week will be martial arts week, when the local MA school will put on a demonstration that will include the schools student as well members of the audience.

They will all look forward to agreeable weather and a fun time learning another way to have fun and exercise at the same time.