The Depot and the cars are progressing>

Amazing what a few days, a lot of work, a lot planning, well you all know the type of story that goes on behind the scenes of any project, major or minor.

The depot is almost ready, great strides have been made on the RPO (Railroad Post Office), plans for Fun Family Fridays are jelling and well things just are happening.

It is interesting what kind of happening happen while one is waiting for other things to happen. For instance, Jack Neller (main person in getting the depot ready) saw a neighbor tearing his porch apart and was throwing away some 4 x 4's. Jack said he take care of them for him, as Jack needed some legs for his layout that he was in the process of building down at the depot. He tossed them into our red Ford Ranger and had supper. Following a delicious supper cooked by Jenny (my loving wife) I invited the two of them down to the local ice cream place for a cool refreshment. Probably would not be open, so I volunteered to run down and check it out. No phone at Cindy's Ice Cream. Dashing down to Cindy's I decided to drop the four x fours off at the depot, just s block away. Saw ice cream was being served, called back on the cell to let them know and headed for the depot. In the parking lot was a car and race car trailer. Rather unusual.
Drove past them, to the building and tossed out the wood, saw two fellows heading back to the car and trailer. They just reappeared from behind the RPO.
They introduced themselves as Mark and Dan Kallis, father and son. They had been part of the crew that brought the RPO down from up north Michigan (Tawas)about nine years ago. I had never met them.
I called Jack and Jenny and they head down from Cindys
where we all met in the parking lot of the depot. There we conversed for nearly 45 minutes on the trials and tribulations of moving the RPO down to St. Johns as well as showing off the newly restored depot.
IN THE PROCESS we discover that the Kallis's were moving some other railcars in the near future and would be available to move our caboose from the local farm, which may be sold soon, down to St. Johns.
Lesson learned-Well, I am not sure, but I certainly will not turn down an opportunity to have some of Cindy's delicious ice cream and a chance to stop by the depot.