The Ghost Train Returns

#10 The St.Johns

The “Ghost Train” is back!

Arriving at gates one and two; the only train that still runs through St. Johns, will make a return appearance. Let me rephrase that. It won’t make an appearance. It’s a Ghost Train, you can’t see it! But you will hear it, and the kid in all of us will love it.

On Sunday December 3rd from 1 – 3 pm you can stop in to the Depot and play with the model trains, and listen for the Ghost Train. It is scheduled to pass through town every half hour, and the horn announces its arrival.

People have said that if you look very closely, and squint your eyes, you might be able to see a faint outline of the old steamer chugging along. The old railroaders say it is the ghost of the old No.10 which was named “St. Johns”. It was built by a Boston Company, in 1856 and was used to pull excursions from Grand Rapids to Detroit through St. Johns.

No one knows exactly what happen to the old steamer, but by 1883 it was listed on a report as Disposed. Such a short life for the “St. Johns”. But we are happy that the ghost of that engine is still here and running full steam through the town it was named after and proud of its new destination – the North Pole.

Each child will be given a ticket for a ride on the Ghost train and the Depot Conductor will be on hand to punch the ticket to make it official. The story is, that when you place the ticket under your pillow on Christmas Eve, the Ghost train will arrive while you dream and take you to the North Pole. What a great adventure.

The model railroad will be set up in the Depot for the whole month of December. This year it will feature the Polar Express. Kids of all ages will be able to run the trains. Bring your own engine, if you like, and you can run it around our track.

M. Elaine Twichell is the Project Manager of the Clinton Northern Railroad . For more information call 989 66 TRAIN