"Cost of a Passenger Car"

To build a passenger car of the best kind requires about 2,400 feet of poplar, 3,400 feet of ash, 1,000 feet of white pine, 2,300 feet of yellow pine, 500 feet of the best oak, 400 feet of the strongest hickory, 400 feet of cherry, 400 feet of maple veneer, and perhaps small amounts of other woods.

There are four pairs of passenger car trucks, about 3,000 pounds of iron, 700 pounds of castings, 300 pounds of galvanized iron, and 250 sheets of tin. Then add screws, chandeliers, air brakes, sash balances, sixty or seventy glass panes for the windows and doors, stoves, seat fixtures, lamps, door locks, knobs, and hinges, basket racks, window lifts, window fasteners and seat springs, and you have most of the hardware.

Then there must be about 200 yards of plush, 100 of sheeting, and 300 pounds of hair. When all these things are taken into the account no wonder can be felt that a passenger coach cost over $4,000. The materials do not cost this much, but before the car is put on the road about $1,200 will be expended in labor.

" Published in the St. Johns News 25 July 1893"