The mission of the Clinton Northern Railway is to preserve the history of the railroad and its impact on small town America at the turn of the century and beyond.

Sep 22 2012

Time passes so fast,

So much has happen since the last article. Each Sunday has brought new adventures. While the crowds have been small the visitors have been extraordinarily interesting. They brought questions, they brought answers and new stories. Just the other day, while Gary was putting a "Volunteers Needed" banner a couple came wondering through. Being from out of town, Illinois, and having stopped by the downtown antique store, they thought would stopped by the depot. Both have been very involved in trains for years.

Aug 06 2012

They're back, the opening on Sundays, that is.

Meaning that the CNR (St. Johns Depot) depot is open on Sundays through this month (One to Three PM). The depot was closed on the Sundays as the managers were off to tend to their daughter in Louisville. They have returned and had the depot open this first Sunday of August and intend to have it open through the rest of the month, unless... Well things happen and it will be interesting to see what occurs in these busy days of a hot summer.

Jun 18 2012

Change have been made.

The city has stepped up and made some significant changes to depot operations. They have invested time and money in getting the inside to look brighter and more useful. While CNR has lost one train layout, there are now new large round brown tables and chairs to match so that the setting is more appealing for meetings. The station masters office is now protected by a "glass wall" and the gift store is where the depot office was. That makes it more accessible for customers to fondle the merchandise which only increases sales.