The mission of the Clinton Northern Railway is to preserve the history of the railroad and its impact on small town America at the turn of the century and beyond.

Jul 17 2014

Rail-Car Moving Cancelled for Now

I am very sorry to say that the historic rail cars in St. Johns will not be moved this weekend as planned. There is a last-minute discrepancy regarding property lines in the area of the Depot. Since nobody wants to move the cars more than once, all is on hold until the property lines are officially determined.

Stay tuned...

Jul 16 2014

Historic Rail Cars to be Moved

Depot and Cars.jpg

These 3 historic rail cars are to be moved July 19 & 20 about 40 feet SIDEWAYS to sit on the north side of the upcoming C-I-S Rail Trail. All who would like to see this unusual engineering feat are welcome to drop down to the St. Johns Depot and watch the progress. This will be accomplished by experienced railroad professional with tracks - not cranes.

Jun 16 2014

Progress on historic rail car restoration

Stained glass window for Sault Ste. Marie

Our 9-member crew of volunteers have been working hard on a number of fronts. 

The Railroad Post Office: they are repairing wood on the clerestory windows on the north side and will apply the paint to both sides soon. 
Scrappy, the Caboose: painting and staining is being done on the ceiling, floor and walls of the 40’ interior. 
The Sault Ste. Marie: Paul Voisin has restored and rebuilt, as necessary, a number of the 50 rectangular windows; and Bill Irrer has made the first of 8 oval stained glass windows. People are able to donate $400 to dedicate one of these windows in honor or in memory of someone.They need to send a check to Clinton County Arts Council, 215 N. Clinton Ave., St. Johns, MI 48879, along with a note telling who is to be memorialized, and the necessary contact information. 
Moving the cars: The cars are to be moved from the south side of the rail trail to the north side through a process of laying rails a long way to the east while angling north, and then back to the new placement. Mark Kalis and his crew will handle that. We are expecting that to take place in mid-July.
The Jerry Banks Layout: The three tracks are working well, and the last quadrant is being painted with the finishing touches.