The mission of the Clinton Northern Railway is to preserve the history of the railroad and its impact on small town America at the turn of the century and beyond.

Oct 04 2010

Work Continues

The RPO (Railroad Post Office) was button up for the winder, this past workday (9.30.2010). While we will still show it off from the inside, it needed to be set up for the winter.

Aug 22 2010

Work continues

Fun Family Fridays has one more turn on the stage with a progressive dinner, scavenger hunt, and singing and instrumentals by the Mint City Jammers.
So then we will be fully concentrating on the depot and rail car restoration.

Jun 09 2010

Working on the Railroad, ahh, it continues

The crew will be hitting the rails again tomorrow as the weather looks really good. They will be going for the roof. A few half carlines have been made, the inside, underside of the roof will be removed in places and we look at what needs to be done to replace the carlines (rafters) so that we can put new roofing on and start figuring out what we need to do with the windows. There are 19 windows and airvents per sides. We will need to work out ways to put screens on the windows.

Let the fun continue.