The mission of the Clinton Northern Railway is to preserve the history of the railroad and its impact on small town America at the turn of the century and beyond.

Oct 10 2010

October 10, 10

10.10.10 proved a good day for attendance at the St. Johns Depot. We had planned on being ready for interviews of people who have had experiences of using the depot to leave on trips and return or just seeing people on and off the trains. In particular we were hoping to see WWII vets and their families. Well in fact we saw a couple, were able to interview one and two others took papers home to fill out at their leisure.

Oct 05 2010

News article submitted: St. Johns Depot Sunday Activities: Memory Sundays

“I went through that door to board the train when I went off to fight in World War II,” said the elderly gentleman as he stood in the St. Johns Depot this past summer. As he went on to describe his experiences in the war, Jenny McCampbell, Co-Director of Clinton Northern Railway (CNR) Museum with her husband Gary, made it her goal to start recording these and many other Depot Memories for all to appreciate and learn from.

Oct 05 2010

October Events-Well at least on Sundays.

Start: Oct 3 2010 - 1:00pm
End: Oct 31 2010 - 4:00pm

For the month of October, CNR will have the St. Johns Depot (train layouts and historical artifacts), the boxcar (filled with memorabilia)and the railroad post office car (filled with memories and hints of tasks ahead)open each Sunday from 1 pm to 4 pm or later depending on the crowd.

The first Sunday, 10.3.2010 we had a steady crowd of highly interested and interesting families.